robyn mill photography brisbane

I love to play
with form, space
and connection.

"Connection is Everything" Robert Dessaix

About Robyn

I discovered my sister’s Polaroid camera at an early age-- taking a photo and having it in my hands 5 minutes later was simply pure magic.

I started to develop my photographic skills in the darkroom at high school and expanded my study through courses, while at school and then in London. I photographed anything and everyone, including live bands, artists, buildings, friends and their environments.

After undertaking a Diploma of Photography, I completed a Bachelor of Art, majoring in Contemporary Art at Griffith University.  I explored and played with many mediums. Developing the use of form, line, shape and connection in varied formats and refined my ability to relate this within the photographic medium.

I continue to study and practice physical arts, maintaining a strong relationship with form and the internal and external body. This interest drives my dedication to the documentation of the relationship between human expression, form and space.

My work finds its focus through the observation of connecting with people, with environments, habitats and all the beauty and the ugliness in-between.   I work with everyday people as well as professionals (architects, designers, artists, performers)-- whoever wants to share their creations, their connections, their of love of something or someone -- whoever wants to say something in imagery about about themselves, their work, their love, what gives meaning to their lives.  

If you are interested I am always happy to discuss how we can create images together.